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"As a parent we often put the screws to our children and tell them to trust us and do what we think is in their best interest. 3 years ago, I put that pressure on Nate to step outside his comfort zone, leave his school of choice, and to trust me that Vimy was going to be a place he would come to love.  And thanks to so many people in that building, today I can tell him “I told you so”. From the moment he walked into the building Nate became excited about being at school.  There were so many activities over the years that got him motivated to not only attend but to become a part of.  As parents, we thank all of you for that.  You are a staff that encourages, participates, and empowers.  Our son is a better person for this, and so much credit goes to everyone in that building.

Nate became involved in class activities (and talked about them at home!), he embraced school athletics, he got excited about assignments in classes, but most importantly, he made personal connections with so many of you.  The role modelling and positive interactions and comments on a daily basis has helped Nate become a better person.  As parents we are thankful that what we hoped would be a positive experience turned into a phenomenal experience. Please continue to do what you do so well.  And once again, thanks for being such positive influences in Nate’s life."

-Allan and Carmen Macdonald, 2016


"Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! The teachers and instructors at Vimy have been absolutely fabulous! My Son had an awesome year and he just loves Vimy! His work ethic and attitude about school and learning have done a complete 180 this year. We are very proud of him. I am so very very impressed with the Vimy programming and we are looking forward to next year already!"

-Stephanie Clancy, 2016


"I Love what Vimy Ridge Academy has done for my children. My oldest son has been a Vimy Student-Athlete since Grade 7 and decided to continue his journey into Grade 10 this year. His younger brother followed in his footsteps and just completed his first year in Junior High. Even though you couldn't find two more different kids, both boys have been able to find success and meet or exceed their personal goals.  The teachers and instructors are amazing at facilitating excellence and providing opportunities above and beyond our expectations and as a parent I believe that the administration and staff value my children and care that they have a positive overall experience."

-Erin Danforth, 2016


"We love Vimy. My daughter feels safe there, the teachers are amazing and so involved! With great support and constant push from the instructors/teachers my daughter has achieved some pretty awesome goals this year. We are very proud to call Vimy our school and can't wait to see what next year brings!"

-April Wynn, 2016