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Academic Achievement

At Vimy Ridge Academy, our focus is on student achievement. After each report period students are acknowledged for their academic achievement in categories of Honours and Honours with Distinction.

High School Students achieving Honours have maintained an average of between 80% and 89% with no mark below 70%. High School Students achieving Honours with Distinction have maintained an average of 90% or better with no mark below 80%. At the senior high level, the award average is calculated based on a student’s current grade level core subject marks and their Program mark. 

At the junior high level the award average is calculated based on a student’s four core subjects, their Program mark (PE mark) and their second language course mark.  The lowest mark of the six subject marks is then dropped and the average is calculated. 

High School Credits & Graduation
High school students reap many rewards through attending Vimy Ridge Academy. Even with all of the amazing opportunities that our students receive through their designated programs, high school students are able to fit all of their core classes into their timetables and graduate with credits well in excess of the required 100.

Post-Secondary Rates
We are very proud of the number of grade 12 students who embark on post-secondary pursuits after spending high school years with us.  In the past three school years, one out of every two grade 12 students has gone on to pursue post-secondary studies. Wow!



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