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Division Re-entry Strategy

Read our COVID-19 Division Re-entry Strategy for information about how we’re welcoming students and staff back into schools this September.We’re preparing to welcome students and staff back into schools this September.


Green & Gold Athlete Academy

The Green & Gold Athlete Academy is a partnership between the University of Alberta, Golden Bears and Pandas Athletics and Vimy Ridge Academy dedicated to developing high school student-athletes with the potential to compete at the post-secondary level and beyond. To this end, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive program that maximizes both athletic and academic development. Athlete Academy students will attend Vimy Ridge Academy during the morning to complete core academic courses. Academy training will take place in University of Alberta facilities during the afternoon from Monday to Thursday with Friday afternoon reserved for a teacher-supervised study hall at Vimy Ridge Academy. The curriculum will include sport-specific training, sport conditioning, mental training and academic sessions. Participants will take part in small training groups in Climbing (male and female), Hockey (female) and Rugby (male and female) designed to build technical and tactical skills through instruction led by experienced coaches. Academic credits will be offered in Physical Education and Career and Technology Studies.

The Green & Gold Athlete Academy enrolls students based on a diverse set of criteria. All applications will be reviewed and successful applicants will be selected based on past playing experience and coach references. Participation in a Shadow Day experience with our Academy will also be considered. Successful applicants will be notified by the Green & Gold Athlete Academy Program Director.

For more information, please visit the Green & Gold Athlete Academy website.

Program fee: Additional fees are charged for this program.


Even though Vimy Ridge Academy is closed to students due to the COVID-19 virus, we are still accepting registrations for the 2020-21 school year.  Please upload the required registration documents using this secure Google Form ... once all documents are uploaded using this form and the form is submitted, the appropriate program director and school admin will review the registration request.

Applications can be accepted starting February 3, 2020.  Please print the package SINGLE SIDED as parts of the application are uploaded to different files.  Thank you.

Select the appropriate grade level package:

Grade 9 package
High School package

Please include the Green & Gold Athlete Registration document below with your registration package:

Green & Gold Athlete Registration Document

NOTE: A student must be approved by the Green and Gold Athlete Academy before making application to the school. Please contact the Program Director, Chelsea Ross, chelsea.ross@ualberta.ca for more information.

The Junior High Honours document is optional. If you are interested in applying for this academic stream and meet the criteria, please complete the Junior High Honours document from below and include with your registration package:

Junior High Honours Application



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