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It remains a timeless adage: big things come in small packages. And once again its veracity is exemplified – in the form of Vimy Ridge Academy (VRA).

Our activity-focused campus offers unique and compelling sports, dance and pursuits programs within a thriving academic community in a small school environment, which encompasses grades 7-12.  Student achievement at VRA is equal to, and often superior to, that of larger schools.

Fueled by closer interpersonal relationships with enthusiastic teachers and peers, a full complement of high school courses and a culture of academic excellence, VRA students receive the highest standard of education. Hand in hand with academic excellence are a host of other opportunities to make student life fun and exciting.

VRA has numerous high calibre athletic teams and clubs, including basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball, track and field, and wall climbing. Teamed with these opportunities are the highly charged and fun-filled, spirit generating events that accompany sports and community service.

Shadow Day

Programming at VRA is second to none. Many of the opportunities available to our students are unique to our school. Starting in January, we encourage students who are interested in our programming to schedule a Shadow Day at the school.

Come visit us for a day and learn first hand what it means to be a student at VRA. Click on the Programs tab to access the Shadow Day form for your program of interest.