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English Department Summary

From classic literature to the most current pop cultural phenomena of the literary world, the English Language Arts (ELA) Department at Vimy Ridge Academy focuses on exploring diverse texts and genres in order to interpret, analyze, and appreciate the characters, conflicts, and themes that make literature great.  Our ELA program provides students with a comprehensive foundation of critical thinking skills that prepare them for post-secondary studies and future employment. At each level, specific themes are developed through an examination of a variety of literary forms: poetry, short stories, drama, film, and novels. From junior high to graduation, strong foundations are created and enhanced. Vimy provides a challenging program that allows students to express themselves creatively and think critically, developing their abilities to communicate with the world in their own unique and effective manner.

Our teachers also strive to build a culture of readers who are passionate about words and stories. We promote this interest through extension activities: Vimy’s annual spelling bee, visits to the Telus World of Science, field trips to the Art Gallery of Alberta and research opportunities at the Alberta Archives. The English Language Arts Department is committed to our students’ success, and we look forward to sharing our passion for literature with your children during their time at Vimy Ridge Academy.

‌‌English Flowchart

Department Supplies

All students are expected to have a binder, loose leaf paper, pencils, pens and highlighters.