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Vimy Individual Support

Our school is a district site for Individual Support Program (ISP) high school age students and those with complex medical needs plus severe cognitive delays.  The Individual Support Program is based on working towards maximum independence and in generalizing those successes in diverse locations such as the mall, swimming pool, public library and at job related settings as well as in the ISP classrooms.  Each student works on their own set of goals and objectives.  For example, some of the areas that a student may be working towards may be gaining independence in the areas of daily living such as: dressing, toileting, eating and functional tasks; learning and improving academic areas such as literacy, sight words, money and number concepts; expanding expressive and receptive communication, safety awareness, social skills, community awareness, recreational skills, fine and gross motor skills and job possibility awareness and work related knowledge and skills. All of the students go on one to three outings per week that build recreation and leisure skills while allowing the students to generalize and practice communication, safety awareness or living skills. While some of community outings are based on recreation and leisure activities, many outing destinations are also chosen to help them assess possible future jobs that may be of interest and to work on developing work related skills. Some examples of small group community outings would be swimming, bowling, grocery shopping, the public library, etc. 

In addition, all of the students go once a month on a special field trip.  These trips include going to places such as the Space and Science Centre to watch an IMAX movie and then having lunch before going on a tour of the rest of the Centre. We attempt to pick trips that will provide a teaching opportunity as well as provide some excitement to encourage expressive communication.  We have use of the school gym and the swimming pool at the neighboring Bonnie Doon Pool.  We also have access to an RN and a part time Physio-assistant through Alberta Regional Health Services to help our students maintain their health and achieve their many physical objectives.