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Science Department Summary

The science program at Vimy Ridge Academy is committed to following the vision set out by Alberta Education for the science programs from grades 7-12. “The secondary science program is guided by the vision that all students, regardless of gender or cultural background, are given the opportunity to develop scientific literacy. The goal of scientific literacy is to develop in students the science-related knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to solve problems and make decisions and, at the same time, to help students become lifelong learners who maintain their sense of wonder about the world around them.”

At Vimy Ridge Academy, we provide diverse learning experiences that create opportunities for our students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become scientifically literate. These opportunities enable our students to investigate, discover, explore, and appreciate the interrelationships among science, technology, society and the environment. These learning experiences are designed to be meaningful to our students, helping them to become life-long learners and gaining an appreciation on how science is related to their personal lives.

Science Flowchart

Department Supplies

All students are expected to have a binder, loose leaf paper, pencils and pens. As well as the following:

  • Graph paper
  • Scientific Calculator 
  • Coloured crayons 
  • Highlighters - various colours