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Physical Education Department Summary

As part of their regularly scheduled physical education, students at Vimy will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of ventures, both on and off campus, allowing them to gain skills to pursue lifelong physical activity. Our staff believes that enjoying an active lifestyle is critical to the individual management of health. We emphasize enjoyable participation, while balancing an environment that will challenge students to work towards their own physical and/or athletics goals. An approach centered on character, opportunity, respect and enthusiasm allows our students to use physical activity as a tool to positively influence their well-being and help create a sense of community within our school.

At Vimy Ridge you earn a Physical Education mark based on doing your best every day in the program you are enrolled in. Combining PE Curricular Outcomes with enthusiasm, effort, sportsmanship, cooperation, leadership, attendance and volunteerism allows our teachers to award a mark reflective of the all-around student.

Vimy Ridge Academy has one of the most impressive high school campuses in Alberta.  Vimy features 2 full size gyms, a full sized climbing wall, a fitness center, a dance studio, a tiered level spin bike room, an indoor shooting cage for lacrosse and hockey, and an indoor skating treadmill that allow PE classes and athletic teams the ultimate training opportunities.  Vimy Ridge Academy is also located close to the following amenities: Edmonton Ski Club, Bonnie Doon Indoor Swimming Pool, Mill Creek Outdoor Pool, Saville and Go Community Centres, and the Edmonton River Valley, to name a few.

Supplies list

All students are expected to have a binder, loose leaf paper, pencils, pens and highlighters.  As well as the following:

  • Indoor running shoes
  • Outdoor running shoes
  • Water bottle 
  • Athletic attire